Moose Lake Loop Hike

During our Canada Day long weekend in 2017, we headed to the Maligne Lake area in search of an enjoyable hike to do with out dogs… also, this road is renowned for spotting wildlife, and if memory serves me, we did spot a couple bears on this road this day!


We opted to do the Moose Lake Loop, partly because it was short, and partly because dogs were allowed on this trail! This hike, although short, was uphill all the way to Moose Lake… We were (sadly) not fit at all last summer… this year will be different… So we were all huffing and puffing our way to the top! It is a fairly busy loop, but this is probably true for most hikes around Maligne Lake as this is a very popular spot for tourists. This is truly one of the most beautiful lakes… Surrounded with majestic mountains you can’t help to be humbled in all this creation!


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  1. Beautiful country for a walk! It looks cold and fresh. c


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