Relaxing at the Bellagio Pools

On our short visit to Las Vegas, we were staying at the Bellagio… Because you know, we really really wanted to!! We picked up a couple tips (like the $20 room upgrade tip… which works great by the way!!), rekindled friendships in the most unlikely of places (looking at that Irish people we know…), but most of all, just really had a fantastic time!!

One of these times, was one afternoon, when we really just wanted to relax by the pool!!! And relax in the hot tubs… and relax with a beer… and ice cream… you get the idea!! So there was this one afternoon when we did just exactly that!! All of it!! 😀


And, since we’ve been living in Canada, and our legs rarely EVER see the sun anymore, I suggest looking at the photo above with your sunglasses on… because we’re SUPER pale!!!

This was such a fun trip!!! And after this afternoon of utter relaxation, we were headed to a Celine Dion show… which was AMAZING!!!! I would advise though…. Buy drinks outside of the hotel and bring it in!! It was CRAZY expensive at the pool!!


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  1. marietha says:

    Ai pragtige kinders Ek gun julle elke sonstraaltjie Luv u lots!!!!!

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