Pamela {Maternity}

I spent a wonderful morning documenting some moments of “peace” and enormous amounts of happiness, goofiness and love that Pamela & Damien clearly share. The little lucky Irish boy/girl is due to arrive in a couple of weeks, and dare I say that this little one is going to be a lucky one!! A loved…

Mylah {Stopmotion}

That moment when your little one smiles in her sleep… Or looks with wonder in her eyes at everything around you, and at YOU! That precious moments when she is just content with herself and the world, when kicking around her cute little legs keeps her occupied. When big brother loves her one moment and…

Jaime {Maternity}

This gorgeous gorgeous lady gave me the opportunity to capture her family and growing baby bump just a couple of weeks of being due. Jaime, I do so enjoy you guys and thank you SO much for allowing me to do this for you!! You look gorgeous in these photos!! Can’t wait to capture little…

Clark {Family}

The Clark family is going through some tougher challenges than your average family… Jennifer was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and they wanted to capture some family photos before her chemotherapy started beginning February. She has an adorable toddler, a 4 month old baby and the kindest partner at her side.

Gregson {Family}

A special session marking a new addition to the Gregson family. The love this family exudes is obvious when you look at these photos! I am so grateful that they trusted me to capture some special moments for them!

Clark Family {Sneak Peek}

Without saying too much right now – I’ll say this much: Pray for courage and strength for this little family going through a tough time! May you be surrounded by love!

Adam {Newborn}

Adam is such a cute little baby!! He is such a busy body and we just barely had a few minutes where he fell asleep – …briefly! Nevertheless, he was pleasure to capture!! Baby details are so special and it sure is worth it to capture those!!

Visagie {Family}

The Visagie family is truly a delight to hang out with!! Here are a couple of my favourite photos from the session!! I did a stop motion for this family a couple of weeks ago…  If you missed the stop motion, you can look at that here!!

Jessie {Maternity}

Jessie’s maternity session was super relaxed. They are such a laid-back family, which made my job so easy!! Jessie and her family is expanding in a couple of weeks. They wanted to capture some photos of her growing bump and family prior to the arrival of baby boy Atkins!! Thank you Jessie for inviting me…

Visagie 2016 {Stop Motion}

This little family… Oh my goodness they are super precious! I spent the day capturing what they do best – being themselves and enjoying each other. Thank you for being willing to have a camera follow you around! I am super excited to share this stop motion with you!! (Hopefully this is the first of…

Joshua the Little Artist

This little guy (in this case – artist in the making)… oh my goodness, he has crept sooooo deep into my heart!! And can you really blame me? I mean, just look at that face!! 🙂