Mexico here we come!!

We are super dooper excited about this trip!!! Here is the back story… We got married in 2012 just prior to moving to Canada, and although we did go to Europe after we got married, that trip was booked before we even got engaged, and it was with friends, sooooo we never really had a honeymoon!!! …. You know, relaxing with your new hubby, drinking cocktails, swimming, induldging in good food, attractions and spoils!!

Since we were moving to Canada directly after, we kind of promised that we will go to Mexico and celebrate our ‘honeymoon’ soon after we arrived in Canada… This was more than 4 years ago!! And we have been planning and wanting to do this trip for AGES!!! I think our friends got so used to these ‘plans’ that we had, (that we never committed to booking), that they figured it was never going to happen!! I started believing that we were just always going to talk about this… it ain’t NEVER going to happen!! But….

We have been working hard… Winter, although an extremely mild one, has been long… and we need the sun and beach, R&R time, and some time together that is for us… So mid-January, we took the plunge and booked our all-inclusive Transat trip to Mexico!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!! We leave this coming Sunday for a whole week!!!

We’ll be staying at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Hotel & Spa, and although I do not have any photos that are my own (obviously), I borrowed some from their website… This is what we are looking forward to:






I am SO excited that I can’t sleep at night!! Hahaha!! Anyway… can’t wait to get there and take an absurd amount of photos, relax in the pool, spend super quality time with the hubby and and and….. Just two more sleeps!!! 😀

For good measure, and because I hardly ever do posts that do not have my own photos, here is my instagram of a super beautiful sunrise last weekend (taken from our deck!)! 🙂


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  1. zelmare says:

    So happy for you guys! Enjoy! xx

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    1. Thanks Mommy!!! Tooooooooo much excitement over here!!! ❤


  2. I’m excited for you :). Have a fabulous time!

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    1. Thanks Cindy!! We are all giggly with anticipation!!


  3. marietha says:

    Amazing Foto Xan !!! Geniet Mexico!!!

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    1. Dit was amazing!!! Ek sal hopelik binnekort ‘n paar fotos opsit!!


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