Wild Cubs of the Mountain is a play on our surname ‘Van den Berg’, which literally means ‘from the mountain’! I’ve had a few blogs which has documented different parts of our lives and different hobbies that we have. I do not blog often, and have decided to combine all of these blogs in one place… and keep it free – if you are not a serious blogger there really isn’t much reason to have a self-hosted site!! SO here we are… our little corner of the web…!! We are the ‘Wild Cubs of the Mountain’! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy some of our adventures!!

About Me

DSC02614Behind all this Hoopla, is me! Hi! My name is Xandré and I am a South African, living in Canada. I am a lover of my husband and two naughty dogs. A structural engineer by day, I am also a closet creative, DIY’er, wannabe gardener, restless traveler, amateur photographer and pinterest addict. This is my spot where I share bits and pieces of my life.

About My Husband

Hooplahappiness-1-2My gorgeous husband (also South African) loves travelling and our (his?) dogs and me! He is a quantity surveyor (or in American terms – an estimator). Although he is not always in the mood to help me (he usually does though), he entertains my crazy antics and supports my wild ideas! 100% the most fun person for me to be around!!

About Our Dogs

Hooplahappiness-1-3Duke (Lab x Bulldog) is brown and is made to give/receive love!!! Wagter (Lab x Basset) is actually spelt n-a-u-g-h-t-y, but we adore him!! They love us an enormous amount!! (It really is a vice versa situation we have got going on!) They are South African as well and has seen more of the world than most people ever will! Oh, and they enjoy walks in the park…

About My DIY

IMG_20171001_130957_467.jpgI believe that I can do anything! Maybe not as well as someone you would pay, but I blame pinterest for my DIY confidence! We have been living in our little home for a couple of years and we have s-l-o-w-l-y changed this house into a home. I am always playing catch up with blog posts on what we have been up to, but every so often I’ll share a glimpse of our latest DIY projects!! There are, for sure, still many more DIY mishaps, lessons and adventures to come before we can hang up our tools!

About Our Travel

charging bull hooplahappiness.comI have been fortunate to see many countries over the last 10 years of my life. Unfortunately, real life and work gets in the way of travelling on a more frequent basis.  I have ticked off quite a few countries and cities around the world. My thirst has not been quenched though, and with hard work, hopefully there will be many more trips in our future!

About My Photography

Hooplahappiness-5I love photography. I love landscape photography. And when I have willing models, I love shooting people! I mostly shoot with my Canon 6D and 24-105L lens and Sony A6300 with the 15-55 mm kit lens. I mostly capture (a copious amount of photos of) our travels, which I always end up making photo albums of!!