Grand Canyon, Arizona

Today is the last day of 2017. This has been a pretty underwhelming year in terms of personal growth. Nonetheless, we had two fantastic trips – Mexico and Portugal. And hubby’s parents came to visit us here in Canada in the summer. I am not really one for new year resolutions, but would really like to feel that this time next year, I would feel that I accomplished more (I realize this is entirely up to me!).

WildCubsoftheMountain - USA-126

One thing that I am planning to do is use Facebook more. Not so much for spamming everyone or showing off my (pretty mundane) life (I am still deciding how much I am going to make visible to my friends list), but I am going to try ‘My Social Book‘ for making a yearbook for 2018. I am hoping that by utilizing Facebook in more of a journal style, that I can easily compile a yearbook with all our memories and check-ins (instead of trying to organize and edit photos throughout the year, and then spending weeks compiling it into a photo book). I’m going to try it, and hopefully that works out good enough that the effort is worth it. So, if you’re on my facebook, brace yourself for somewhat more activity from me than you’re used to! Even though I installed facebook back on my phone, I am not going to go back to old habits and go on there when I am not specifically posting something (I’ve wasted to many hours on this social media site… and for what!?).

WildCubsoftheMountain - USA-123

Anyway, this post is called Grand Canyon. It will FOREVER be one of my favourites trips. I just loved every minute of it, and even though it stretches for mile, there is a new jaw-dropping view around every corner!! It was an amazing place and I would LOVE to return there again in the future. We only had a couple of days, and we spent it on the South Rim. On the list for the next time is for sure the Rim-to-Rim hike (which you have to book well in advance!). We did do a part of the South Kaibab Trail (up to Cedar Ridge) – click link to read the post!

Our friend from SA joined us on this trip (he was working in San Diego at the time). Our first stop was in Monument Valley , which I haven’t posted about – yet (but don’t hold your breath!). Coming from Monument Valley, we arrived from the Utah side and had great weather on our first day in the Canyon!

WildCubsoftheMountain - USA-133

How many days of the year does it rain in the Grand Canyon? Not a lot, chances are pretty slim that you’ll experience this? Definitely not a whole day of rain? Hahaha… Murphy had other plans with us… we were camping, in tents, and while we were on our South Kaibab Hike, the rain came in. Stormed in (pun intended!). Who would ever think that end of September, a 40% chance of showers would turn into 100%.

Grand Canyon, South Kaibab Trail, Arizona

The WHOLE day!! We were running from one place to the next. Soaked to the bone. Drinking coffee inside wherever we got a spot. Our tents soaking wet. Through wet. We were panicking, trying to find accommodation for the night. Driving from one place to the next. Full. Full. Full.

WildCubsoftheMountain - USA-148

After checking in to what was probably the LAST available room in the entire Grand Canyon area. We could finally pack up our soaking wet site and camping gear and rest assured that we were going to sleep in a dry bed that night. Relief was an understatement. We were blessed with a beautiful scenes in the canyon after the rain… fog lying low in the canyon, a rainbow after the rain, we even enjoyed a presentation by National Geographic’s Pedro McBride (that was pretty awesome since I have been following him on Instagram for EVER!!).

We even caught a glimpse of the a sunset with the dramatic day drawing to an end!!

WildCubsoftheMountain - USA-193

It was a bummer that our last day was spent running from one shop to the next, getting soaked to the bone. But in retrospect, it was kind of perfect. It certainly made for an extremely memorable trip. The next morning we got up super early to catch the sunrise. It was still pretty misty following the rain the previous day, but when the sun finally broke through, it was perfect. The perfect end to a fantastic trip!

Hoping that 2018 has a few more adventures for us. We booked our camping spot for the Berg Lake Trail (which is kind of a big deal!). And hoping to book the Spirit Island camping weekend as well. Both of these are bucket list items (at least Rocky Mountain bucket list items/hikes/paddles).

We also have a family wedding to look forward to closer to the end of 2018 – in South Africa!!! Which we are beyond excited about (naturally).

So if you made it through this long-winded post. Happy 2018!!! May it be a big one!!

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  1. Woweeee!! Those are truly some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen! You sure go on amazing trips :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cindy!! It was an amazing trip!! I would LOVE to go back there!! How was Panama?


      1. We are actually leaving for Panama tomorrow. Sunshine here we come. Yahoooooo!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah man!! Jealous!! Have a Super Fantastic time!!!


    2. Or is that next year?


  2. mykuljay says:

    Loved the photos and blog! AZ and the Canyon are on my bucket list!!


    1. Thank you!! If you are ever able to visit it will for sure be one of your best trips!!!


  3. tastybiteweb says:

    This is amazing! I did a solo trip there a couples years ago and can’t wait to go back. Totally indescribable. Love your pictures and would love to go camping one day!

    What a great adventure! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aah yes, so you understand!! We would also love to go back!! It was amazing!!


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