Hanging our HUGE Mirror

The other day I gave you all a little update on some of the projects that I have been keeping busy with. Within those few project was a huge mirror (4 x 8 foot)(or for us metric people, 1.2 m by 2.4 m). These mirrors came out of a ‘partly standing-partly demolished’ house. It was…

Our Quicky Walk-in Closet

This was never supposed to be a decent permanent upgrade, just temporary!! Oh, by the way, this change happened in way back in February 2014!! A LOT has changed over here!!

Main Bathroom Update

Our Main Bathroom Update was done probably about 18 months ago (I know… WAY overdue post!!). We are SO busy updating our house (and doing life), that sometimes I just don’t get around to blogging about it… and then, when I do get time, I’m so overwhelmed by the HUGE amount of things that I…

Painting our Dining Room

Way back in February 2014, we started the process of changing our new house… One of the first things that we did, was paint our Dining Room area (today, we no longer use this as our dining room area). I say dining room AREA, because technically we have no designated dining room. When we just…

Foyer Progress #3

In my mind this foyer wall has changed so many times. I wanted to make this a gallery wall, Then fell in love with the prettiest wallpaper, and I was sold!

Foyer Progress #2

Update #2 for the foyer was a something small that made a huge difference – light. It does not have to involve contractors or hours of labour!

Foyer Progress #1

Our little home is a work in progress, and nothing was different when it came to the foyer updates. Here is part #1 of our Foyer updates.

Painting our Office

Paint Office – This was the first step in updating our office. As previously mentioned, ALL the walls in our house was a slightly different shade of white. Although this might please some people, we really are colour-type people.

Update the Tile around your Fireplace

I am going to show your how to update the tile around your fireplace, or at least, how we updated the tile around our fireplace. πŸ™‚ We are always trying to save money where we can – Why re-tile when we can just paint? And with the powerful internet egging us on, why would we…

Basement Bathroom Update

Ok, this is going to be a quick (but lengthy) summary of our basement bathroom update… To start off with, the end product is temporary! Once our whole house is pretty and livable, we’ll be saving up to redo our entire basement level. As it currently is, it is cold in winter and damp in…

Guest Bedroom – Part 2

I finally made a point of it to sit down and write this blog post!! After our recent trip to SA I have been motivated to blog more since the feedback I got from friends and family was really encouraging (I know they are bias, but I am choosing to ignore that!!) πŸ˜€ … But…

Guest Bedroom – Part 1

As you have probably seen from previous photos is that we have two bedroom and one bath off of the dining room area – not the best or most practical layout, but hey, we’ll make the best of it! When we just moved into the house we used one of these bedrooms as our bedroom….

Living Room Transformation – Part 3

Finally coming to our last updated look for our living room (for now!)… This is by far our most favourite feature of our living room!! Our pallet wall!! I am pretty sure all woman that are on pinterest go through a pallet craze… Well, I’m no different… I must have about a gazillion pallet projects…

Living Room Transformation – Part 2

So second part of our living room was the painting… Yes, because the white was overbearing!! And quite frankly, too white!! With this room I have a vision (it still is a vision, but it’s getting there!). We knew what we were working towards… with a fireplace, we would love that to be the focal…