31 March 2021

Where has March gone? It has been a crazy one!! Just want to post the last couple of weeks worth of photos before we delve into April!! Some Lexi favourite sayings… She likes to assign us characters. She is “Winnie-the-pooh-bear”. I am almost always “Christopher Robin”, and hubby for some reason ens up being “tee-gurrrr”….

21 March 2021

Last weekend we headed to the mountains with friends for some skiing. I have not skied in about 4 or 5 years?? So I was nervous!! Also, we have not done a ski trip since Lexi was born, for obvious reasons!! This was the best trip in the car with our little girl yet!! Going…

16 March 2021

We went away for the weekend!!! The first one in ages!! And it was glorious!! … more on that later because I just want to quickly post the photos preceeding this weekend to catch up!!!

7 March 2021

We have been buuuuusy!!!! But busy getting well from colds. Busy trying to catch up on sleep. Busy trying to put toddlers to sleep. Busy busy busy!!! We bought her a little table and chairs following our visit with friends! She loves it and uses it daily!!

25 February 2021

What a week!!…. between sleep battles and blasphemy we are knackered!!!! Yes, while playing one evening our 2 year old – who we are teaching please and thank you – blasphemed. No, we don’t talk that way. No, we don’t think anyone should talk that way!! Where did she hear it??? Oh, yes, at her…

19 February 2021

Everyone says having a kid is rough for sleep. And yes it has been… but I did not think that we would still struggle this bad 2 years in!!! This girl has been giving me all my days with sleep, both naps and her sleep at night…. oh. My. Word!!! I am truly out of…

16 February 2021

What a busy couple of days!!! … we made sushi (SO much fun!!), we had swimming lessons, we had our first dine-out in months, we had a rough couple of nights, we had valentines, we skipped naps and refused sleep… oh my goodness!!! I should get a photo from hubby’s phone where Lexi fell asleep…

11 February 2021

Dad soaps up Lexi and tells her that she is now ‘silwer skoon’. “Silwer skoon Lexi. Hoe skoon is Lexi?” Lexi: “Freaken skoon!” Hahahahaha!!! Soooo funny!! Also, Happy Birthday Oupa Johan!!

4 February 2021

A couple of moments from the last couple of days… She had a great day at daycare today (apparently!). The caretakers told me that Lexi’s personality is starting to show and they are very much enjoying her!! That makes me SO happy!!! Our conversation when I picked her up… walking hand in hand down the…

1 February 2021

It was a busy weekend. It was also a cold weekend. It was also a lazy weekend. It was good weekend. I also cut my thumb. Deep. With a steak knife. Making salad. While talking to my brother in Ireland. Rookie. Oy. Today Lexi had a good day transitioning to the older class at daycare!!…

29 January 2021

Nothing special happening over here… I mean home depot trips are fun and all, but not exactly something we take photos of every time!! Lexi says moments yesterday… First thing she says to me after coming in from snow shovelling: “Lexi gat af skrik” 不不不 And later that same day: “Lag gat af Lexi” 不不…

27 January 2021

A “Lexi says” moment while making dinner: “Mamma stop cowboy wees!!” Bwahahaha!!

26 January 2021

It’s been a busy couple of days. Hubby down in BC for a week of hard work. Solo parenting has its challenges… What’s an even bigger challenge is this freaking cold weather we’ve been having!! It’s rough being trapped inside the house. Not only for us, but for the dogs as well!! These boys need…

23 January 2021

Yesterday was full of Ikea, watching TV, painting, walking dogs… busy busy!!! But also not… all while sporting her new giraffe dress from Gramma Zelmi and her yellow backpack from the Visagies!! Today we celebrated 2!!