Swimming in Yal Ku Lagoon

Oh my word!! This was such an awesome experience!! The Yal Ku lagoon is a gem… I have read that some people have even seen sea turtle here (we weren’t SO lucky!!), but despite that, we saw a gazillion fishies!! See a short video below of what the gazillion fishies in the Yal Ku Lagoon (insert me jumping up and down here!!)! 😀


Swimming in Yal Ku Lagoon (Mexico) from Xandré Verkes on Vimeo.

For me it was a relatively panicky situation – I am not much of a water person (although I am not the person who pinches my nose when going under the water), I don’t/can’t open my eyes under water, I really really dislike cold water, I like to see the bottom of whatever I am swimming in, and I avoid animals/fish!! It freaks me out!! So this was a big step for me… Needless to say, I never quite relaxed during this snorkelling experience, but I will admit that the experience as a whole was amazing!! (Especially in retrospect when I don’t have to worry about my breathing and goggles and so forth!!…)

For this excursion we took along our gopro, so all the photos are a freeze frame from our videos (I was not planning on buying a waterproof housing unit for my camera!!). Click on an image to view a larger version!

Get in touch!! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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