31 March 2021

Where has March gone? It has been a crazy one!! Just want to post the last couple of weeks worth of photos before we delve into April!!

Some Lexi favourite sayings…

She likes to assign us characters. She is “Winnie-the-pooh-bear”. I am almost always “Christopher Robin”, and hubby for some reason ens up being “tee-gurrrr”. Sometimes she even refers to him as Tigger when he is not with us as in “tee-gur is working”. It is hilarious!!

“It’s a twuck!!!” (truck)

“Cwanky bear” (referring to her Cranky bear book!)

“Wing-a-wing-a-wosie” (ring a ring a Rosie!!!

“Surch” for search!!

“Mamma is grumpy toad”!! 🤣🤣

“Duke is grumpus!!”

“Homtie domtie” (hompie kedompie – humpty dumpty)

Wearing my mussie!
The most crisp trail ever!!
This was on the kids menu. We did not expect this. She ate 2 bites. We expected that!
Had her eye checkup. All looks good.
Pancakes, bow and bedhead!
Busy working on a project that is taking aaaaaaaages!
I love finding these gems!!
Sleep is such a struggle for us!!
After swim naps. Like I said… struggle!! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Love this!

Ok, I have a couple more photos, but no more storage space! So I need to upgrade! Do I want to? Not really!! So I m going to have to think on this for a bit…

I will add that today was amazing for naps!! I had no trouble and it only took like 10 minutes!! Say what? I don’t know if it was the promise of going to the park, but Lexi was like “gimme some naptime”!!

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  1. zelmare says:

    Love reading about our Lyfie. So wish I could give her a hug, though…♥♥♥


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