21 March 2021

Last weekend we headed to the mountains with friends for some skiing. I have not skied in about 4 or 5 years?? So I was nervous!! Also, we have not done a ski trip since Lexi was born, for obvious reasons!!

This was the best trip in the car with our little girl yet!! Going to the mountains and heading back she was a champ! It gives me hope for awesome trips…

It was also the first weekend that Lexi did not nurse once. It was not my intention, but she didn’t ask, and I didn’t offer!!! And so this weekend was a big one in many ways!!

We also decided that the hubbies would ski in the morning, and the wives would ski in the afternoon!! A big step for us!! But it was SO good!!

The only downside to the weekend would be that me and hubby did not spend a lot of time together!! But, both of us got some good ski time, both of us got a bit of a break from the usual routine and stresses, so all is good!!! Our time will come again!!

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  1. zelmare says:

    Love the pictures. Sounds like a very good weekend, so glad you enjoyed it so much. 🙂

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