16 March 2021

We went away for the weekend!!! The first one in ages!! And it was glorious!! … more on that later because I just want to quickly post the photos preceeding this weekend to catch up!!!

I love this!! After she soaked the first pages, I put it on a plate to dry/not soak the floor!! After a while she had taken it upon herself to do the same with the other ones!! Note the plates underneath each!!
Finally big enough for this little kicker!
We were buying some splash pants, and she saw this shirt, nodded her head, took it of the rack, stated “koop”, and put it in the cart!! We almost started protesting and explaining why not, but then saw it was $4 and thought the whole sequence was adorable!! So we bought it!!
Dukenissius! Our old puppy dog!!
Frosty morning car views!!

One Comment Add yours

  1. zelmare says:

    Absolutely adore the pigtails! ♥♥ And my heart aches when I look at Duke, he always seems so forlorn and ancient…


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