19 February 2021

Everything. 💟
Another stunner!
This cheerio box is packed with love!! So cute!

Everyone says having a kid is rough for sleep. And yes it has been… but I did not think that we would still struggle this bad 2 years in!!! This girl has been giving me all my days with sleep, both naps and her sleep at night…. oh. My. Word!!! I am truly out of things to do/try!!! This was after more than an hour struggle for her nap, and then 2 minutes in the car… out! Send help. But more importantly please send prayers!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of prayers!!!!

She was in her element on our walk today!!! So cute to watch!! Love this girl and her exploring/discovering!!
Posting this one twice!! It deserves it!!
Wat eet jy? Ys!!
So grateful that the super cold weather has given way for some sunny warm weather!! Fantastic to be out again!!

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  1. It will pass, trust me 😃. One day she’ll be a teenager and you will be complaining tbst she never gets out of bed LOL!! She’s adorable by the way.

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    1. Thanks Cindy!! And I do realize that!! … unfortunately not making the present tiredness any better!! 🤣

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      1. I feel your pain, but it will get better ❤️.

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  2. zelmare says:

    Wish with all my heart I could come over and help. Not one of the 3 of you slept through very quickly, and Lex only started sleeping right through after the age of 3, but he just woke up, got into bed with me, and continued sleeping. She is probably just one of those kids/people who won’t ever need a lot of sleep? Have you tried making her a bed in your bedroom? Maybe she’s just a bit insecure at the moment.
    Sterkte meis, dink aan jou. xxx

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    1. Great idea!!! I’m doing that tonight for sure!! Let’s see!!!

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