29 January 2021

Nothing special happening over here… I mean home depot trips are fun and all, but not exactly something we take photos of every time!!

Lexi says moments yesterday… First thing she says to me after coming in from snow shovelling: “Lexi gat af skrik” 🤣🤣🤣

And later that same day: “Lag gat af Lexi” 🤣🤣

She truly is like a mini-me!! It is soooooo funny when she says stuff that I say often… hearing ‘me’ is so strange and I find it hilarious!! Also, she is 2! And a 2 year old talking like that cracks me up!!

Her mouth while she concentrates on that egg!!
While I was pouring her bath, I turned around to this!! She loves her books!!

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  1. zelmare says:

    Love it!!!! 😀 Klein sponsies… ♥♥

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  2. Mama Cormier says:

    Brrrr…..so cold. It’s been a relatively mild winter here in southern Ontario. The last week has finally started to look like winter here with temperatures hovering around -6 to -10. Today is sunny and brisk but we’re going to bundle up and go for a drive to a conservation area for a walk. I walk around here all the time but a change of scenery will be nice. Lexi is so cute. Our Sevin in London is talking up a storm but at one we can’t understand a word….except maybe the odd ‘No’.

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    1. Oh man, we’ve had a very mild winter up to two weeks ago… and then winter hit and we haven’t had a day above -10 yet!! Mostly around -18!! So yes…. ugh! Would love to get out for a walk… hope you enjoyed it!!

      Got to love baby/toddler talk!!! Some days I am SO confused!! Haha!!

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