26 January 2021

It’s been a busy couple of days. Hubby down in BC for a week of hard work. Solo parenting has its challenges…

What’s an even bigger challenge is this freaking cold weather we’ve been having!! It’s rough being trapped inside the house. Not only for us, but for the dogs as well!! These boys need their walks!! (And to be honest, so do Lexi and I!!) It is usually a pretty welcome break in our day!!

Anyhow, been working on a top secret project for a couple of days now (slow going with little girl)… will do a dedicated post about it soon… I’m excited!! Can’t share anything though, because the hubs actually does read these posts… “hi my lekker ding!”. Sooooooo… you’ll just have to wait for any details!! I’m excited… have I said that?

Today we had a day full of doctors… ultrasound for Lexi to check her bladder and kidneys (she had her first UTI in December/January… it was a wild one… and apparently they like to make sure that it is not a physiological problem!! That followed by her 2 year checkup!! We are done now for a while!! Iron supplements done as well today!! Hooray!!!! (White teeth for the win!!)

Proud mom moment when Lexi starts taking an interest in paint colours!!!
Relaxing with dad!
Bath time cuteness!!
We have a howler!!
Casually eating our breakfast on the kitchen floor… smoked salmon is such a hit!!
Bundled for freezing temperatures outside!! Starting a day full of doctors appointments!!

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  1. zelmare says:

    Jis, julle is adorable!!!! xxx


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