23 January 2021

Yesterday was full of Ikea, watching TV, painting, walking dogs… busy busy!!! But also not… all while sporting her new giraffe dress from Gramma Zelmi and her yellow backpack from the Visagies!!

A favourite feet crossed position (since in the womb!!)

Today we celebrated 2!!


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  1. zelmare says:

    So glad the dress still fits!!!!! Yay!!! The cake looks delicious and the ponytail is way cute. xxx

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    1. Yes!! She’ll be able to wear the dress for a while still!! Yay!!


  2. Mama Cormier says:

    Our oldest granddaughter who is now 5 has always loved Ikea. We had our Zoom birthday party for our second granddaughter who turned one on the 24th. A lot of firsts that day. I’ll post about them later today.

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    1. Your granddaughter is adorable!!! Ikea is always awesome!!

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