Laughing Falls, Yoho National Park

We headed into Yoho National Park for the first time last year. Only looking to explore the area a bit since we have never been. The fires were ongoing, and there was a lot of smoke throughout our time in the mountains last year (2017). We were camping at Johnston Canyon for a long weekend and after a pretty tough (for the dogs) hike the previous day in Lake Louise, we decided to take the following day more slow-paced with a little less distance.



That ended up not happening. We were advised by a lovely young lady that the Laughing Falls hike is not too strenuous and a very enjoyable hike overall. So off we went in the direction of the mighty Takakkaw Falls.


The Takakkaw falls were amazing. You could hear it thundering from a distance! It was amazing… we didn’t go up close, it doesn’t require hiking, so we’ll be sure to visit again some time. I’ll take better photos then!!

The Laughing Falls hike is approximately 4.2 km (one way), with a couple of nice lookout spots on the way. There is really only one ascent, but it is short and easy!


On the way you pass two other waterfalls (at 2.2 km), the first one is called the ‘Angel’s Staircase Falls’.

Angel’s Staircase Falls

The other waterfall is on the other side of the 2.2 km mark, called ‘Point Lace Falls’. Both of these falls make for a quick pit break and enjoyable views!

Point Lace Falls

DSC02745Side Note: Hubby always tries to get the dogs to walk across the logs. The black dog (Wagter) crossed all the way here. The brown dog (Duke) never want anything to do with it!! I’m thinking either balance and/or heights is not quite his thing!! Pansy!!

Laughing Falls was amazing!! Not quite as big as Takakkaw Falls, but bigger than we expected to see. A welcome sight after a long(er than planned) hike!!

Laughing Falls

We spent about half an hour just enjoying the surrounding area and taking photos. Giving the dogs a bit of a break and time to cool off.

Before we headed back, we moved to the less crowded side of the area to enjoy some snacks and a water break!! This hike was well worth the distance… Our dogs we’re SUPER tired after a weekend full of hiking, but we like to think that even though they are tired, they do enjoy it as well!!


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