Holly {Stop Motion}

I don’t know why, but I haven’t shared Holly’s Stop Motion on the blog yet… I have no idea how this have slipped through the cracks, especially since it is one of my favourites to date!! (Eeeeek!! To think Holly is almost turning one!)… We miss you too much Pam and Damien!! Can’t wait to visit you guys in Ireland… soon!!

For those that missed it, here is Holly’s new born photo’s!!

Holly Catherine Murphy from Xandré Verkes on Vimeo.

We got to know Pam & Damien a couple of years ago – both of us newbies in Canada. Fast forward to 3 years later, and a little addition named Holly Catherine Murphy was added to their bunch. I am super excited that they wanted/allowed me to capture their new family…

They are super gorgeous and super special people!! This little girl is a serious little one! It was frowns all-round, cute little baby frowns!! Holly was born with a mop of hair that will be the envy of every woman who ever gets to know her!! And with wonderful such as Pam & Damien, little Holly will be an extremely happy and blessed little girl!

Now you are almost on your way back to Ireland, and I am thankful for the little time we got to know each other… We are looking forward to seeing Holly grow up…. and know that we will be visiting you guys in Ireland!!

Here is something special for you guys…

Lots of Love! xxx


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  1. Wow! That stop motion is absolute perfection. What a wonderful memory for them to have :).

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    1. Thanks Cindy!! I really really enjoy doing these!! They are a lot of work, but I love the result SO much!! Wish I could do more of these, but alas, I don’t know enough people, and don’t know people who are willing to pay to have it done!! 🙂

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