Johnston Canyon, AB

Winter 2016 we finally got round to visiting Johnston Canyon!! We went early and fortunately experienced a MUCH quieter walk-in. On our way out of the canyon it was a different story though…. Lots and lost of people heading in!! So my advice would be to go early!! (Also, I borrowed a couple of my Mom’s photos… I’m sure she won’t mind!)

WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon
Us three!! Mom, me and hubby!
WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-1
Johnston Trailhead!

To get to the upper falls takes well under an hour!! Me and my mom had ice grip cleat on our boots (which I reckon was fantastic!! I had no slipping worries!!), but hubby managed without it and I think he only had one slip on this trail! I would recommend wearing it though, made it SO much easier!! Especially on the downhills!! I pretty certain my mother would second that!!

WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-6
Heading into the canyon!

WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-3

WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon
Spot Santa!! (I didn’t see him until I looked at the photos!

WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-4

WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-5
Lower fall location

It is pretty amazing to see the ice formations, stalactites, the blue water and ice, the ice climbers at the end of the trail, the depth of the canyon, the famous landmarks!! It is a much different experience to hike in winter, very interesting!! Fortunately, on this day it wasn’t as cold, or I’m sure we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much!!

WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston CanyonWildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-21WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-8WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-22WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-18WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-20WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-19WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-16WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-14WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-12WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-13WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-10WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-9WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-11WildCubsoftheMountain - Johnston Canyon-15


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