Our Quicky Walk-in Closet

Ok, I would like to start this post off by saying that this was always a temporary solution, and I am proud to say that we have since upgraded to a for-real closet. But I haven’t shared anything that we have done to the house here in a couple of…. uuummmmm… years?? So I thought I would start to tick off those Home Renovation posts one by one…

Previously I shared an introduction to our house (a couple before photos!), and our upgraded basement bathroom (in which I also stated was a cheap update until we had the money for some serious renovations!)

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-23
Basement Bathroom Update

A refresher you say? When we bought this house the previous owner left us with this space (and a lot of stuff still in it!!)… We had this idea of a luxury huge main bedroom in the basement, and our first thought was that until we had the money to upgrade and change the basement, this funny area would become a temporary walk-in closet. Here is what the walk-in closet before looked like before we moved in:

Before shot of our Temporary Walk-in Closet

We cleaned up the space and left the far left side as an extra storage for random thingy-majigs!! Mostly we stored our shoes, ski gear, jackets and paint cans in the far left. But we set out and did a quick fix for some closet storage…

WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-1WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-2WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-3WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-4WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-5

Please do not point out everything that we did wrong!! We have learnt a lot since then, and this was never supposed to be a decent permanent upgrade. Really just temporary!! Oh, by the way, this change happened in way back in February 2014!! Eeek, yes, a LOT has changed over here!! It is actually pretty satisfying looking at these old photos!!

WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closetWildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-7WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-8WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-9

This was by no means our dream… extremely far from it!! We are pretty persistent procrastinators, as you know well by now, but this system worked fine until April 2016! We have been full of plans with this space for a long time!! Yes, one year ago (almost exactly to the date!), I came home from work to a different space… (excuse the bad photos!!)

WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closetWildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-11WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-13WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-12

Yup, hubby got an itch… and he scratched!! When I came home, the walls had been ripped out… EEeeeekkk!! And so started what would be a pretty intense renovation of our basement…. You see, because now we had no choice, we needed to fix this asap!! So we moved everything upstairs and started clearing and cleaning our basement for what would be a ”fun” summer of renovations…

WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-14WildCubsoftheMountain - Walk-in closet-15

Looking back at this, ssssssssuper satisfying!! (we have since moved back into the basement, but I’ll do a couple more of these tidbit updates to catch you up!!)… Have you packed on anything that seemed a bit overwhelming to you?


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  1. Isn’t it great having a handy hubby? Hold on to him for sure :). It all looks great by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Certainly helps!! Thanks, will post some (much) newer photos soon!!! It looks way better and different!!


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