Dog Sledding in Canmore

One of the things you don’t get to experience in South Africa is heavy snow… or any snow for that matter!! Dog sledding is something you add to your list of things to do when you finally visit a place that has enough snow!!

WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding in CanmoreWildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding in Canmore

So when Jean visited us, this was one of the things that she really wanted to do!! Naturally, we searched for something that suited her needs and wallet… We booked through Howling Dog Tours and we had the best time!! They picked us up in front of our hotel in Banff, took us to Canmore for our tour and dropped us off again afterwards!! Fantastic that you don’t have to worry about transport!! Super convenient!

The dogs are super excited to get going and start running and they are adorable!! We had such a good time petting them and giving them love!! It was cold however… we naturally dressed real warm, but I think when you sit still for a while in ‘below whatever temperatures it was’, the cold starts creeping in everywhere!!! I was thankful to have a friend who doesn’t think it’s weird that I clung to her!! Hahaha!!

This was such a fun experience! I would not recommend it to people who are looking for something fast and action packed!! You should keep in mind that they are still only dogs, running at a dogs pace, pulling three adult humans!! Nevertheless, we loved it!! Thanks Howling Dog Tours!!

WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-5WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-7WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-6WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding in CanmoreWildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-16WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-14WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-19WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-4WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-18WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-17WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-11WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-15WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-10WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-13WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-9WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-8WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-12WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding-20WildCubsoftheMountain - Dog Sledding in Canmore

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