Holly {Newborn}

It has been months since this little girl was born, but we have by this time established that I am WAY behind in my blogging!! I am missing these guys like crazy… They have moved back to Ireland and have left a huge hole in our lives!! We’ll be visiting in Ireland for sure!! So here is a little flashback to that day that Holly was still a teeny-tiny little baby… ❤



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  1. Oh she is soooo precious! What a beautiful photo shoot, but you freaked me out there for a minute. I thought you guys had a baby and didn’t tell any of us LOL :).

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    1. Hahaha!! No Cindy, not quite yet!!! I’ll be sure to update you guys when that happens!! 😉 😀

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      1. Well, hurry up. I love babies LOL :).

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        1. Anything for you.. 😉 ❤


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