Prospect Park Smorgasburg

The Smorgasburg located in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, reminded us of the good old Hazel Food Market in South Africa. The Hazel Food Market was literally around the corner from our house, and a favourite stop for us every Saturday!!

Here in Edmonton the closest thing to these markets would be farmers markets. To tell you the least, although we do have farmers markets, they are a far cry from the from the fantastic food markets we had in South Africa, and this delightful market called Smorgasburg!


Yum! πŸ˜€

There were SO much to choose from!!! Smorgasburg, you were a delight!! In the end I drank coconut juice (directly from the coconut!!)… Hubby ate the smoked beef brisket sandwich!! And for dessert we settled on some delectable sugar coated and roasted coconut doughnuts and lattes!! Hhhhmmm… I am realizing now that I might be into coconut!! – Just a teeny-tiny bit! πŸ˜€

We even got to meet up with a German friend who I met in England in 2005, and who now lives in New York – isn’t that just really awesome!?!

smorgasburg smorgasburg smorgasburg smorgasburg smorgasburg smorgasburg

The variety was crazy! I think we must’ve walked through the market four times before we ‘kind-of’ decided what we wanted!! So many delicious options!! …. If we lived near a food market like this, we’d once again have found our regular hangout spot for a weekend morning! For now though… I’ll have to look at these photos and dream about the many yummy options we missed out on!!



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