DIY World Map Stain Art

I want to show you guys what I am working on at the moment – a world map stain art piece!! I did this on a 4’x 8′ sheet of plywood with Minwax English Chestnut stain. Since the study is mostly my hubby’s domain, this is what he had in mind for one of our walls! The plan with this guy is to mount it in our recently organised and updated study.

We are (constantly) in the process of working on parts (multiple parts usually) of updating/upgrading or doing some reno’s… I will be so happy once we are at a stage where it becomes fun and games, but as of yet, there are still a few crucial/necessary projects to complete!! For this project I followed a similar procedure as the one I used to create our Kudu Stain piece!

world map stain art world map stain art

The first part of the project was to get a world map projected onto the plywood in order to trace it. As you can see above I followed an extremely simple setup – I printed a world map onto a letter size paper and traced the outlines with a sharpie marker onto a transparency sheet. Once this was complete I used my cellphone flashlight to project the image onto plywood. Easy-peasy…. and start tracing! (Take note that this is way easier in a very dark area!)

The next day, (I took advantage of hubby being away on a hunting trip), I started the painful task of staining the outlines! This took around 5-6 hours (thankfully I had a whole season of Grey’s Anatomy to keep me company!)… Beware, you might want to look at alternative positions – I lay mine on the floor and shifted around in multiple sitting positions… My knees, hips and elbows were NOT happy!!

world map stain art

The next morning I started the next couple of hours ‘colouring in’ the map with the stain. I used a brush and sponge!! Again, if you have cranky  joints, you might want to explore alternate setups!! Once again, a couple hours later and almost through a season of Grey’s I was done with the stain part of the project!

world map stain art

The only thing left now is to seal this piece and mount it in our study!! Super excited to see it in its final position!! Hoping to do all of that this weekend!!

world map stain art

I’ll try and share the end result with you as soon as possible!!

Get in touch!! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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