Best Time to Visit the Charging Bull

When me and hubby were compiling the list of places we wanted to visit and things we wanted to do while in New York City, naturally the Charging Bull from Wall Street came up. Granted, this wasn’t top of the list, but when else are you going to get the opportunity to take a picture with the huge bronze bull that has a pretty interesting story behind it and appears in movies??

So, one afternoon while we were in the financial district, we swung by that area… This is what we saw…


Now, we realized that New York is SUPER busy!! But Oh.My.Goodness…….. What value will this type of photo be to me? A bunch (understatement of the CENTURY!) of people and the butt of a ‘supposed’ bronze charging bull statue. I say ‘supposed’, because what is visible is only the back of the huge statue.

So, we skipped this spot… for now!! In all fairness, it was Saturday!! So one expects tourists to be all over the place!! But, when we returned to this spot sometime in the afternoon of Monday, there was no improvement. I think my exact words to hubby was ‘Well it seems we’ll not be taking home a photo of the famous Charging Bull’!!!

I come bearing good news, mainly for us, but also for the many many people that plan to visit New York City in the future… We got our photo!! πŸ˜€ So, you might ask, when is the best time to get a photo of the Charging Bull?

charging bull charging bull

Here’s our story. Very early on the Tuesday morning (05h15 to be exact), I got up and jumped through the shower – bursting with anticipation that today might be the day!! My hubby followed queue, and we were on our wayΒ by 06h15 – joining the working force of NYC! We arrived at the Charging Bull location around 07h00. I had made peace with the fact that there probably is NO GOOD TIME to get a good view of this statue, but my-oh-my!!

When we emerged out of that subway and saw the Charging Bull wide open, I wanted to break out in a sprint even though there were no people around!! It probably ended up being one of the highlights of our trip (for both me and hubster!)!!

charging bull charging bull

I guess my advice is this – beat the tourists!! While everyone is still sleeping, get up and go!! You wont be disappointed!! Or (and we did not test this one), wait for the tourists to go home after a busy day. My guess is that you will be lucky then as well!! The only people around us was the suits on their way to work… Such a happy day!!
charging bull

charging bull


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