Views from the Top of the Rock

Everybody loves a great view, and the view from the Rockefeller Centre does not disappoint!! Also known as the ‘Top of the Rock Observation Deck’. We really had two choices: Go up the Empire State Building (aaaah Sleepless in Seattle 😉 ) or go to the Top of the Rock…

top of the rock

Hmmmmm…. a view from the Empire State or a view of the Empire State Building?? Although I’m sure that the view from the Empire State building is super pretty, it was really this view that I was after…

top of the rock

Yes, yes, we chose Top of the Rock!! I am not going to lie, (… don’t judge me…) but I wanted to push a couple of people off that building!! At $32 per person (no cheap attraction!), everyone should get to have the opportunity to spend a couple of minutes enjoying the view from the front of the queue. I really do not understand how they allow tripods up there!?! A lot of people got to the front and then set up their whole tripod setup and just stood there, taking a gazillion photos.

top of the rock

(Rant NOT over!)… And then you get the other third of the spectrum, the extremely rude people, who would just PUSH you out of the way. I am sorry, but just wait a couple of seconds and you’ll get your chance!! Are we the only people who feel this way?? Everyone pays a lot of money to get up there. People should just relax and enjoy the views – you are not more entitled than anyone else. Be courteous and make way after you’ve enjoyed your turn!! I guess this is something that will just get worse with time… tourists spoil tourist spots (says I while typing this rant!!)!

top of the rock

(Rant over!) Oh my goodness!! The views are AMAZING!!! It was a dream come true to see the city from so high up!! That view of the South tip of Manhattan with The Empire State gracing the skyline!! It was gorgeous!! And to the North you can see for miles… A bird’s eye view of Central Park make you realize just how big this park really is!! In an ideal world we would have watched the sun set from way up there… Alas, after about an hour of crazy people we decided to head down. We had soaked up every angle of that view!! Even with all the idiot people, I think that this was one of the highlights of our trip!!

top of the rock top of the rock top of the rock top of the rock top of the rock top of the rock top of the rock top of the rock

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