DIY Key Holder

Way back in 2013 one of my first little projects was making a key holder for our keys. I was inspired by the yarn art projects on pinterest and missing home something viciously… and so our key holder was born!!

When we moved into our current home a couple months later, naturally this guy moved with us. I was not completely satisfied with it in the sense that what was holding the keys in place was short little nails. Many times we found our keys on the floors, or requiring extra focus to hang them up – which resulted in keys being misplaced a couple of times…

Here is a before shot of the key holder – you can see how short those nails are that the keys are hanging on!! We were also over-crowding the five available spots… A few changes to be made! In the following shot you can also see where this little guy was hanging in relation to the doors ย and walls etc.

DIY key holder

DIY key holderIf it was not for the updated entry wall, we would probably still be using (and struggling) with these few issues… But thankfully, the updated wall forced me into updating this key holder!!

DIY key holder

Without further ado, you can have a look at the steps I followed to fix the issues, and make this key holder fit into our brand new fancy wall!!!

Steps of updating our key holder:

  1. Removed the yarn and key holder nails
  2. Filled key holder nail spots with wood filler and sanded down entire surface
  3. Spray painted everything with a high gloss white spray paint
  4. Attached Everbuilt cup hooks for the new key holders (I couldn’t find silver anywhere, but decided it was no biggy since there would be keys attached to it most of the time!)
  5. Re-yarned the South Africa heart
  6. Placed onto wall

DIY key holder
DIY key holder
DIY key holder
DIY key holder

What have you got lying around that needs an upgrade?

Get in touch!! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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