Mylah {Stopmotion}


That moment when your little one smiles in her sleep… Or looks with wonder in her eyes at everything around you, and at YOU! That precious moments when she is just content with herself and the world, when kicking around her cute little legs keeps her occupied. When big brother loves her one moment and doesn’t want to be with her the next.


That moment that she falls asleep on your shoulder, or grabs onto your finger with her tiny hands… These are the everyday moment, moments you would never think to capture, or if you do, might leave it too late, it is these moments that you want to capture. To treasure forever. To remind you of the little things… of life. Everyday life, that is actually pretty freaken amazing. ❤

Here are some of Mylah’s moments…

Mylah {Newborn} from Xandré Verkes on Vimeo.