Foyer Progress #3

For now, the final part of the foyer update involves that big white wall that has been staring at me for the last 2.5 years!! If you missed part #1 & #2 of this update, follow the links below (opens in new window):

Read ‘Foyer Progress #1’ here.

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So this wall… In my mind this wall has changed so many times. For the longest time I wanted to make this a gallery wall. A wall for our travel photos – the first thing you will see when walking into our house (because who doesn’t like photos?). Then I started looking at some pretty stencils (and oh my word are there pretty stencils available!). But what put me off stencilling this wall was mostly the labour and time… Here is what we started with:

foyer update foyer update

foyer update foyer update foyer update

These walls have been bugging me for the longest time. I was just about to order a pretty (and pricey) stencil, when a Facebook add from Lowes caught my eye. The prettiest of wallpaper that I ever did see… So I head on over there to check it out. Yes, yes it was pretty. It was perfect. All the supplies cost me just under $90 CAD – this includes the wallpaper, wallpaper glue, scraper thingy, and the utility knife. Yes, this was what I wanted!!

I was nervous, but had read on SO MANY BLOGS that wallpaper these days are SO easy to work with. And they were right!! It turned out beautifully!! I am in heaven right now!! Here are the details – I chose this wallpaper:

Superfresco Easy Nottingham Wallpaper in White/Grey

I decided that this would become a statement wall. The wallpaper would do the talking!! So I painted that big wall above the stairs the same grey as the rest of the entry/dining/kitchen. This happened last night at 20h00 (that is 1 April 2016)(also, it seems I have a thing for painting at night!) ;). Hubby helped me with the really hard to reach places!! (Please do not comment or preach about safety!)

foyer update foyer update

And this morning started the wallpaper upgrade to this foyer! I was nervous!! Very nervous!! With my first plumb line drawn on the wall for guidance, I started painting the glue to the wall (this is/was “paste the wall” type wallpaper! So easy to use! See here my setup:

foyer update foyer update foyer update

The very first sheet too a while longer than the rest. But once I got the hang of it and came into a rhythm it went pretty fast! Here is the first installed sheet:

foyer update

I am not going to show you the in between steps. It is so basic, glue the wall, line the paper up, scrape out the bubbles, trim, repeat. And finally – Here is our finished statement foyer wall…

foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update

Small updates remain – like now we have to replace that hideous light fixture to something pretty and modern; we still have to paint the door leading in to the garage; some mirrors on the wall above the steps; and other small things!! Likely I will only post one more update on this space, and by the pace we are doing these upgrades, it will be next year this time!! Hahaha!

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