Foyer Progress #1

Our little home is a work in progress, and nothing was different when it came to the foyer updates. We have lived in this house for about 2.5 years now, and we seem to be updating the foyer area in ‘smaller-than-baby’ steps!! Today we have made HUGE progress, so I thought I would quickly do a couple posts to show you what we have done so far!! You can follow links to the next updates at the end of this post!

Before we look at all these pretty (budget) updates to our foyer, here is a look at some before photos!! (These photos were taken shortly after we moved in)(…check out all the white!!)

foyer update

The door to the left is our front door, and the door to the right leads into the attached garage. You will also see these cat (I guess) scratch pads?? all over. We have mostly gotten rid of most of them!! We do so as we update the place!!foyer update

The front door walks directly into the stairs leading down to the basement!foyer update

Here is a view from the kitchen… White white white!!! Ugh!!

Ok, for the foyer specifically, update #1 involved painting of the door (this happened way back in October of 2014 – we have been in this house almost a year by then!) We painted our front door the same colour that we painted our kitchen door – a teal colour!

foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update

Hmmm, it seems I had some dirt on the camera lens! Just look past the dust flecks!! You can see that by that time we had already done some painting and made some updates!! The next update involved finally painting the wall around the front door. We stuck to dark grey (dark colours really make me so happy!!). This update happened end of March last year (2015), so almost exactly one year ago!! As a side note, I was painting this at around 21h00, so the light in these photos were not good!!

foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update

And the final step in the first part of this foyer progress update was removing the horrible old coat hanger that was left on the wall!!

foyer update foyer update

Some progress made!! Here is another look at the before and after… For old time sake!! πŸ˜€

foyer update foyer update

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