Wood Storage Rack

You already got a glimpse at the wood storage rack in this post, but I will give you some behind the scene shots on how we built this (or should I rather say, how my hubby built it!). Here is a before shot of the box that found its spot in front of our front door. (I forget where it used to stand, but it was left here by the previous owner full of smaller pieces of wood!). And, FYI, ALL the wood lying on top of the box is what Duke dragged with him from our walks!! (Crazy tree logging dog!) 🙂

wood storage rack

And just check out all the pretty flowers my Mom planted for us while she was visiting us!! I just loved this!! It made me SO happy every day!!wood storage rack wood storage rack

We do not have any measurements to share with you, but as you can see it is basically 2×4’s that we built to fit into the space that we planned for it!wood storage rack wood storage rack

On top is just a layer of exterior grade plywood that we sloped ever so slightly (you know, because we don’t want the snow to pile on there – and this has been a great idea!)wood storage rack wood storage rack

And here is the after photo – after we filled it with wood that we chopped up ever so diligently (I’m sorry, did I say us?? I meant hubby!! I can’t chop wood to save my life – in fact, my hubby told me that I should definitely stay away from an axe!) 🙂wood storage rack wood storage rack wood storage rack wood storage rack

We placed the storage rack on blocks in order to be able to clean under it! This has proved to be great when shovelling snow… and for blowing out the leaves in fall!! Such a simple upgrade… and definitely one of our more worthwhile ones!!

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