Painting our Office

The first step in updating our office, was to paint it. As previously mentioned, ALL the walls in our house was a slightly different shade of white. Although this might please some people, we really are colour-type people. This room used to be a guest bedroom – I guess. But we really wanted a space where our computer and other admin stuff can be stored (this room, after living here for two years is still a while from being done!!). Baby steps… I guess! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is a before shot (of the previous owner):

before paint office

A tiny update that I haven’t posted about yet – I painted all the interior doors on the main floor black!! I also updated the hardware to these doors with chrome spray paint! They have been holding up great – but I’ll share a post about that in the future!)paint office

Sorry for the poor lighting! We chose a teal colour for the office (and to date this has been my favourite paint upgrade!!) It is super vivid without being overwhelming (although I do not mind super bold colours!)
paint office paint office paint office paint office paint office paint office

This was our first upgrade in this room (a couple has followed since!), but I’ll post them one by one when I get the time!! Do you like bold colours?

Get in touch!! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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