Garage Door Progress Update

garage before

This is a photo of our exterior front of house before were the proud owners of it just over 2 years ago (note the white garage door). As you can see, our garage door used to be white! Nothing wrong with that… but we decided that it definitely needed an update/upgrade! And just for good measure – here is another before photo! (This was just after we had washed it!)

wood garage

As you can see it is white!! Very very very white!! Here is a close-up of just how dirty these garage doors get (and the scary part is, you never really realize it!!) Ugh!

wood garage

Here is a shot of the products that were used:

  • Varathane Gel Stain (in Dark Walnut colour)
  • Varathane wood finish (water based exterior)
  • A couple of paint brushes
  • And some old cloths (not pictured)

wood garage

I call this a progress post, because we haven’t actually applied the sealer yet. Time kind of slipped by us and before we knew it, it was in the minus temperatures and too cold to apply. First thing come spring, we’ll apply the sealer. Although I have to say that it seems to be doing just fine without it!!

The steps are super easy:

  1. Make sure that the surface that you are applying the gel stain to is very clean!
  2. Apply onto the door, wait a couple of minutes, blend and wipe the excess of with an old cloth.
  3. Repeat.

Me and hubby worked together on this for the most part for the first layer. While I was applying the second layer to the garage, he was building a wood storage rack (which turned out fantastic!).

Here you can see the first layer and part of the second layer. I worked from top left and worked the stain row for row from left to right.

wood garage update

And no post is complete without a photo of at least one of our adorable dogs!!wood garage update wood garage update

The look after two layers! (sorry about the harsh light!)wood garage update wood garage update

And a final look at our updated exterior (with the newly built wood storage rack on the right!)(and the gorgeous looking garage door!).


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