Thanksgiving 2015

So, you know when you host your first Thanksgiving dinner, and you invite EVERYONE!! No, no, no – don’t do that!! In South Africa we (obviously) don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. So this being our third year in Canada and all, I thought it was high time I get my turn to entertain and host a dinner party!

Who did we invite? Everyone that we have made good friends with over the last couple of years. Yes, I invited 22 people. When you invite that many people you rely on the few couples that would already have other plans. Never ever ever is everyone able to join. But oh no – not in this case. 22 people invited – 20 attended.

Do you know how crazy that is? No pressure. I have never roasted a turkey before (and I absolutely underestimated the size of these yummy birds!). Luckily, I asked everyone to bring along a side dish. Phew, that made such a big difference. Between appetizers, dessert, setting the table (thanks to my hubby for building the tables), punches, roasting two turkeys and getting myself ready…. Oh man. I was super dooper tired that evening.

But I did enjoy it! And I do hope that everyone else enjoyed it as well. It certainly was a house full of people, but I loved it. The food turned out great!! The turkey was super delicious – and things were SO crazy that I didn’t get a shot of the turkey after it was taken out of the oven – they were beautiful!! You’ll have to trust me!

Although it was fun… (And I did learn a couple of things… of course), I will not be hosting that big a gathering again any time soon. Just too much to coordinate. Next time I’ll stick to the amount of people that I personally have cutlery for!!

Here are a couple of shots from the start of the prep work… up to the delicious food on the table!
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