Sunrise over the Grand Canyon

After a couple of days in the Grand Canyon, we woke up early on our last day to go and witness a sunrise over the Grand Canyon. If I recall correctly we went to the Yavapai Lookout point for this occasion. I really think that no matter where you choose to go, any view will be worthwhile. We were just overwhelmed with the beauty of the Grand Canyon. I will mention that there were a LOT of people at this point. If we had a few more days, I’m pretty sure we would’ve found a spot that had less traffic!

On this particular morning, it was sooooo cloudy. We sort of missed the sun creeping over the horizon. Fortunately it broke out behind the clouds a short(-ish) while later…. and wasn’t it worth it. It was the perfect end to a fantastic trip!!

grand canyon #travels #hooplahappiness Although the depth of the Grand Canyon is not as visible on the photo above, this will remain one of my favourite shots (and I’ll have me a little lens flare love as well!!)…grand canyon #travels #hooplahappiness

Have you ever visited the Canyon? Do you have any recommendations for great lookout spots that are off the beaten track?

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