September 2015 Camping Trip

Beginning of September we took our first camping trip of the year (shame on us!). Yes, it was slightly colder than I would have preferred, but regardless of the cold, the Canadian Rockies never ceases to amaze!! It really is just SO beautiful any time of the year!

This was the second time we took our dogs along! It is a lot more effort, but for us, it beats putting them in a kennel or getting calls from neighbours of naughty dogs!! Also, we really love our dogs, and taking them along with us just makes us happy as well!! Our favourite camping spot is directly next to the Great Athabsca river in Wabasso Campground! If you’ve camped there once, you’ll be a repeat visitor for sure! Here are a few photos of our trip:

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On dreary days we like to explore in close proximity of Jasper Townsite. On this especially cold and dreary day, we FINALLY went to Pyramid Lake! We have always wanted to go, but somehow time just kept slipping by and then we, once again, did not visit Pyramid Lake! Oh my goodness, it is just a breathtaking place! When we arrived, Pyramid Mountain was hidden behind the mist and low clouds! But after spending a while on the island, the skies cleared and the view of this majestic mountain just blew us away!

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After soaking in the day, we visited Moab Lake. It is a really eerie and creepy place which very little people visit. They either do not know about it, or do not care to visit. In 2000 a huge fire destroyed much of the area. And this destruction is still visible 15 years after the fact. The shrubs and trees are only now starting a regrowth process! This is really what makes the place so eerie! That and the crows squawking every now and then!

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We also did a quick hike! I was not feeling too great (a lingering flu has kept me under the weather for longer than I appreciated at this point!) Nevertheless, a visit to the mountains would not be complete without a hike! We did the Geraldine Lookout hike, a short 4.6 km return hike with views of the Athabasca and Whirpool Valleys!

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  1. Now that is real camping. Beautiful, Xandre. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


    1. xandreverkes says:

      Thank you so much Jo! We do enjoy getting out there…. I am not a huge fan of camping, but it really is the best way to experience the beautiful outdoors! ๐Ÿ™‚


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