How to create your own Stain Art

For the guest bedroom I wanted to create something simple to put on the wall… I found this image on Pinterest which I used as a base for my idea (click on image for the source)…. I had some gorgeous stain on hand which I decided to use instead of paint, and so my stain art Kudu was created.

White Tail Deer Head Silhouette on Hardwood Plaque.

Stef said that he wanted me to do the silhouette of a Kudu (a woodland antelope found in eastern and southern Africa…)(….and a favourite for hunting!) So I searched online for an image of a kudu and I found this (click on image for source)(found on google images):


And so I set off…

The method for creating a piece of stain art is pretty simple. You can follow my thought train in the sequence of images below. I used the same white-washed planks (that I used for my head board) for my backdrop, and I used a normal wood stain for my shades (I used Minwax in English Chestnut shade). I printed off the image the size that I wanted and started drawing the outline and staining from there.

The easiest way to go about this stain art is to lightly outline your picture in pencil. The you start in layers with the darkest parts of your picture first. From there you just layer your stains in order to accomplish the colour and depth that you want! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappinessI just love how the stain blended and created a clear picture!! Super proud of this piece!! We hung it a bit higher on the wall so that it feels as if the Kudu is looking straight at you!! Not quite finished with that corner of the room, but it is getting there!! What do you think?? Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness Stain Art #diy #art #craft #hooplahappiness

I really love the texture and raw feel of the wood!! And with the earthy stain… I am really glad that I didn’t just go and paint a black silhouette!! Now it’s your turn to create – and please share your art! I would love to see what you have tried!

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