Lake Minnewanka, Banff

Aaaahhh Banff, you truly are beautiful!! One of the stops in the Banff area that you must plan to visit is Lake Minnewanka. Brewster Canada has some great Lake Minnewanka cruises that is relaxing, informative and of course super scenic.

Lake Minnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness

I just love being in the mountains, it always feels like two days of ooh-ing and aaaaah-ing at the mountains. Once you’ve been there you will completely relate to this. On my mom’s visit to Canada, Lake Minnewanka was one of the stops that we took her to (I also borrowed some of her photos for this post!).

Lake Minnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness Lake Minnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness LakeMinnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness

Lake minnewanka is a glacial lake located just North East of the Banff townsite. At 21km in length, this is the longest lake in the Canadian Rockies (which resulted in a power dam at the west end of this lake!).

You have to book your cruise about three-quarter of an hour before boarding. This gives you plenty of time to explore the surrounding area and take a gazillion photos. You can also sit on the jetty and see how long you can keep your feet in the icy water of Lake Minnewanka (it is not long at all… bbbrrr!) We soaked up the sun, scenery and each other’s company in the waiting time. You want to take it all in, because it goes by so quick!!

LakeMinnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness Lake Minnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness LakeMinnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness Lake Minnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness

There are numerous hiking and biking paths around the lake (but we were doing the touristy thing and cruising the lake this time around!). Although we did not see any on our visit, the wildlife that surrounds this lake is in abundance and includes elk, mule deer, mountain sheep and bears.

Lake Minnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness LakeMinnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness Lake Minnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness LakeMinnewanka #travel #hooplahappiness

I leave you with this popular thought: “The mountains are calling & I must go…”!

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