Update the Tile around your Fireplace

I am going to show your how to update the tile around your fireplace, or at least, how we updated the tile around our fireplace. 🙂 We are always trying to save money where we can – Why re-tile when we can just paint? And with the powerful internet egging us on, why would we not try this? The worst that can happen is that our mismatched pink tiles won’t look, well, so pink anymore…

So, I jumped onto pinterest and found a few links of brave people who had done this before me (and there are a LOT!). I took the advice and recommendations of many of them and jumped into action.

Here is before shot (Just look at that horrible tile and mismatched colours):

update the tile around your fireplace

Yup, the before shot is dirty, but we cleaned it up good before we started our painting! This is such a simple and budget solution!

What you will need:

  1. Cleaning agents (for cleaning the tile)(we used a TSP solution)
  2. Cloths (for cleaning up wet patches)
  3. Kilz premium primer (we bought a small tub and still had plenty left)
  4. Any waterbased paint (we used CIL Premium Eggshell)
  5. Minwax Polycrylic – Satin
  6. Paint brushes
  7. Painters tape (for the places that you need to be extra careful of)

And that is it!!


Clean the tile with your cleaning solutions and be sure that the tile is dry before moving on to the next step.

Paint on your Kilz Premium Primer.

update the tile around your fireplace

We started by painting the mortar areas with a bristle brush to make sure to cover the mortar completely.

update the tile around your fireplaceThen we painted the tile surface with a foam roller. We completed two layers of the primer before moving on to the next step. Be sure to let the paint dry completely before moving on with the next layer.

What I liked about the paint/tile, is that the texture of the tile was still visible after the paint application. This is of course a personal preference.

Next your start applying your colour paint in the same way. We used a bristle brush for applying the paint on the flat surface for this round. The photo below is after one layer.

update the tile around your fireplaceAfter applying two layers of colour paint, I proceeded to apply one layer of the polycrylic. I applied this with the foam roller, but did not like how that turned out. The foam roller made a lot of little bubbles which has left my finish not quite how I pictured it. I plan to correct this in the future, but would advise to apply the polycrylic with a bristle brush as well.

How has it been holding up?

Well, it has now been more than a year since we have painted this tile. We have made plenty a fire in this fireplace since then, and although I have not had the time to re-do the polycrylic finish (too many other things to update), I am extremely happy to announce that this update has been worth its weight in gold! There are no signs of paint wanting to peel off the tile, or bubbles and peeling as a result of the heat of the fire!

So my recommendation is this: Update the Tile around your Fireplace!!!! 😀

Get in touch!! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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