Basement Bathroom Update

Ok, this is going to be a quick (but lengthy) summary of our basement bathroom update… To start off with, the end product is temporary! Once our whole house is pretty and livable, we’ll be saving up to redo our entire basement level. As it currently is, it is cold in winter and damp in summer!! The flooring is placed directly onto the concrete and thus no decent moisture control takes place. This sucks a bit as it is our main bedroom location (as mentioned in numerous of my previous posts, the main floor lacks the privacy that I want/need)… So, this is by no means the final product, but it is finally a usable and functional bathroom!! Yayay!!! 😀

Lets start off with the before (Before we moved in)(and basically what it looked like until about 3 weeks ago! Minus the small cupboard and green mats!)

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-7 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-6

A Story about the green mats… So when we moved in, the kind lady left these mats here… Off course we wouldn’t want it (it’s a little bit gross), but when we wanted to throw them out, half the mat stayed behind on the floor…. a sticky mess… which we have been unable to remove until this day!! I guess it is there until we replace the floor… which will only happen when we redo the entire basement!! Also yes, the sink is so small you can’t even drink water out of it… And washing your hands makes a wet mess!!… And yes, also the entire bathroom is a bright shade of yellow!…

So we have been showering in this bathroom, and getting ready (brushing teeth and all those vanity type stuff) in the upstairs bathroom!!… Which is semi-stupid and inconvenient!!

Our first step in correcting this was buying a new sink!! We picked one up at Ikea for $50!! (Yeah!)(in the “sold as is” section) The sink was sold without the plumbing system, but we were informed that we could just pick that up in the bathroom section!! Needless to say, when we finally got to that, we were informed that the plumbing system is not sold separately! (What is the use then in selling the sink???)… But we were adamant, and they sold us two single sink plumbing systems with a branch so we could figure it out!!

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-8

Don’t EVER do that!!! Oh my goodness…. what a headache it has been getting this figured out!!! More on this later… So while we had this, I set out on Pinterest and got some vanity inspiration… I set out to make our own vanity for the sink (and yes, I did it ALL by myself!! -Super proud!!)… Here is the process in photos…

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-1
Built the frame and had to make sure the sink fit in/on it!!

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-2 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-3 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-4 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-5

The next step was to STILL get that plumbing figured out… Painting that ugly shade of yellow walls… and updating the fixtures!! I should mention that our basement bathroom gets no natural light (It seems unpopular for most of the older houses… which is frustrating!!) But we can’t do much about that right now… So I went with a simpler solution… White walls, clear light bulbs!! I initially wanted to buy new fixtures (because I REALLY dislike the cheap white ones), but also, because this is only temporary, I opted for a way cheaper solution… Spray Paint!! In the pictures below, figuring out  where to cut and what we need to make this plumbing work…

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-9 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-10 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-11

Painting first layer of white... yes, it was a bright shade of yellow!
Painting first layer of white… yes, it was a bright shade of yellow!
Cheap white fixtures
Cheap white fixtures

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-14

Our temporary solution/update!

So, here is the thing with Ikea plumbing pieces…. It is NOT standard Canadian size plumbing!!! Whaaaaaaat?? What a headache (and numerous little tiffs) this has caused us!!! Oh my goodness… it turns out, we only used the sink drainer and bend from Ikea, the rest we built from random pieces of pipe and connections!! But it works!! Yaaaaay!!! The test was today!!! We passed!!! 😀 (Also, plumbers putty is great!!! I love how quickly it gets super soft and squishy!! … off topic!)

Our solution!!
Our solution!!

Next up the mirror!! The mirror WON!!! It beat me!! I am sad to say that this weekend my plans has been halted by my mirror frame!! Such an easy task…. but alas… it won!!! I started building a gorgeous frame… built to size… My problem came when I realized that my plan to fix the mirror to the wall was not going to work… And from there everything kind of fell to pieces… The mirror had to be cut, because there is an angle to the wall/ceiling in the corner (pipes etc.)… Here is my starting mirror frame…

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-16 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-17

I would like to state that my plans for this weekend was to quickly finish off with this bathroom, start and finish the upstairs bathroom… and seed and fertilize a part of my lawn!!! It saddens me that I must state that only the first one happened… And not for a lack of trying… The mirror won!! 😦 So, after two days off trying to save the unsaveable, I gave up… I almost cried… I definitely almost threw a lot of unnecessary stuff around… and decided to just go crazy!!! See my easy, quick weekend saving solution below…

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-20 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-19

Needless to say, that at this point I did not bother with photos anymore… But after sealing all the nooks and crannies on te vanity… sealing the plumbing… painting everything that could be painted… breaking the mirror… and building a frame… here is the after…

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-21 Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-22

For now, I am super chuffed with how this turned out!! It is very small… very basic… but it’ll do for the time being!! At least now it is bearable and we can use it!! Yay!! A final before and after… This took up my entire long weekend… Here’s hoping I plan the next one better!!…. That stupid mirror frame!!

Xandre Verkes - Basement Bathroom-23

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  1. Great job! Ok, time to come and work on my house now, you handy little devils you :).


    1. Hahaha!! I am TIRED after this weekend!! Wish we could just finish all these iffy stuff so that we can actually start doing stuff for fun and not because we have to!! Oi!! Thanks Cindy!! Let me know when you’re coming over! 😀


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