Seattle Skyline

A quick photo of the Seattle Skyline taken from the Seattle Space Needle. On our way back from SA, we had an 8-hour layover at Seattle and decided, that although we were beyond tired, we would take a quick trip to the Space Needle… A very quick trip, but another landmark checked off from our never-ending list…!!

Xandre Verkes - Seattle Skyline-1

What a view…. We had a rainbow on the one side!! A storm with a sunset in the view above… A rainstorm!! We had it all!! Just amazing!! (Now, everytime I watch Grey’s Anatomy I’m like…. “Yup! I was there!”) Hahaha!!

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  1. Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan???? I’m just so sad about Derek. Who the hell am I supposed to drool over now?


    1. I am a huge Grey’s fan!! I haven’t watched season 11 yet, but I am extremely dissapointed that McDreamy is leaving the show!! I see they have confirmed that season 12 is happening!! Yay!!! Need to watch S11 soon!! …. too curious!! But don’t think my emotions are going to be able to handle!! Haha!


      1. Have kleenex ready and make sure your hubby is there so you can cry on his shoulder. Hopefully he won’t laugh at you like mine did LOL.


        1. Hahahaha!!! (I am hoping that Stef does not read the comments, because he will NOT be happy about this one!!)…. But he usually cries with me!! Hahahahaha!! I’m so lucky!! 😀


          1. Oh please take a video :).

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