Guest Bedroom – Part 2

I finally made a point of it to sit down and write this blog post!! After our recent trip to SA I have been motivated to blog more since the feedback I got from friends and family was really encouraging (I know they are bias, but I am choosing to ignore that!!) 😀 … But alas…. time seems to slip away faster than you realize!! My apologies…

In anticipation of my mom coming to visit, I thought I’d share the next bit of upgrading we did to the Guest Bedroom!! If you missed part 1, you can see that here…. Oh yes – my mom is visiting us in 22 sleeps!!! Yup, I’m counting!! Super excited as this will be our very first guest!!! The first one of our family and/or friends that get to experience the loooooong flight, get to see our home, and see the area that we live in!!!! And it is fantastic that this person is my mom!!!!!

On to the Guest bedroom…

The bedroom has seen quite an improvement from the dull room it used to be, but off course it is lacking in so many areas!! Excuse the mess in these first few photos (I do my hair in here every morning, and obviously I did not go through the little trouble to remove it before taking photos!)… Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-1

Next up… The headboard area!! I say ‘area’ because it is not a headboard par say… I wanted to keep it simple, so I opted for a textured plank… I bought 1 sheet of unsanded plywood, let Home Depot cut it into strips, and white-washed it. I did 2 layers of white washing!

Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-2-2 Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-3-2 Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-4-2

We then planned our arrangement and cuts (we had a vent and two plugs that needed to be cut out!) before nailing it into the wall…

Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-5-2 Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-6-2 Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-7-2

The above photo already looks way better (it looks more yellow than it is in reality!)… but it still needs some touches! I continued by painting thin strips of moulding that would round off the head board area. (This is not pictured in the above photo). Next up was a side table. I wanted something simple but stylish! I had brought a couple of stair railings that was on sale a few months before (for a different project – which I ended up not using). So I used them for my first side table – I still need to buy 4 more of these railings for the other side table, but they have not gone on sale yet & I am not willing to pay $7 for one of these…. (come sale come!)… See my process below…

Two 2x8's for the table top...
Two 2×8’s for the table top…
Glued together...
Glued together…
And the finished product...
And the finished product…
...With legs attached.
…With legs attached.

It still needs one side table, but it’s getting there… Slowly but surely!! Below is the finished product (with grey moulding around the headboard planks!)

Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-14

5 Comments Add yours

  1. wjhuman says:

    Love julle bou projekke!!!

    Geniet dit super baie!

    PS: my uitreil 6mnde trip van die werk het verander van USA na Spanje… !!! So ons gaan julle ongelukkig mis! (behalwe as julle besluit om Euro te kom travel) 😀

    Groete v Stef!


    1. Ag awesome julle!! (Ek dink Spanje gaan ‘n baie meer kultureel fulfilling trip wees!!)… Ek dink nie ons gan jul kan join nie, maar post maar baie fotos vir ons!!! Wat ‘n geleentheid!! 😀


  2. It’s beautiful!! I’ll be there for a visit after your mom :). I just want to know where you get all your energy from!


    1. Great Cindy!! Can’t wait!!! (ps. we have no energy, we are forcing ourselves to finish stuff up most of the time…. but really, we just want to chill out!!)


  3. zelmare says:

    You are 2 busy bees, aren’t you!? It is an amazing transformation, and I cannot wait to sleep there!!! 🙂 xx (Cindy, you must come while I’m there, I also want to meet you!)


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