Guest Bedroom – Part 1

As you have probably seen from previous photos is that we have two bedroom and one bath off of the dining room area – not the best or most practical layout, but hey, we’ll make the best of it! When we just moved into the house we used one of these bedrooms as our bedroom. But a couple of factors made us move to the basement instead, i.e. lack of privacy (when you walk in the front door you look directly into this room, lack of cupboard space (with a husband that loves his work button shirts, one cupboard just wouldn’t work!)! Nevertheless, it is actually a great room with plenty of sun/daylight! This will now be our guest bedroom… (PLEASE come visit??) 😀

Here are two photos of the before (before we even moved into the house!)!

Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-2

Here is the view from the dining room (excuse the mess, I somehow always remember to take photos AFTER everything is ready to go, or already done a little bit!!)

Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-7

So, off course painting is the first step (I really have a love-hate relationship with paint!! It is a horrible job, but the results are so freaking satisfying, that is it difficult to remember that you really actually dislike painting!!) We went bold again (surprise surprise!! 😛 )… By now we have already painted (most of) the basement, and decided to go with the same colour for the guest! Here is the “after paint job”!

Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-3

Then cam my favourite part… IKEA!! In order to make the room look a little prettier and more like I have envisioned, I needed a few items. To fit the budget, Ikea always wins… so off to Ikea we went, and here are the results!!! The photos were taken a bit later in the afternoon, but still has plenty of light!!

Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-4 Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-5 Xandre Verkes - Guest bedroom-6

We have in the meantime added a serene canvass landscape photo above the door! One of our Irish friends are coming to visit us for 5 days before he leaves for Ireland. This is thus a good motivation to get in and finish this room! This was supposed to be our ‘home reno weekend’, but yesterday’s 3 year old party, somehow turned into a huge South African get together that lasted until 22h00 last night!!! (Those darned 3 year olds 😉 )! But today we’ll be starting with a huge change in this room that I have been pondering about for ages!!

Still to come, our BIG change and some final pieces to the room (it is still missing bedside tables etc, the little stuff that makes a room useable and practical!!)… We’ll get there! 🙂

6 Comments Add yours

  1. zelmare says:

    What a change! Looks inviting and comfy. 🙂


    1. The finishing touches will definitely round it off!! 🙂


  2. Looks like a place where friends could stay on a visit….


    1. Hhhhmmmm…. you are creating an expectation with us!!! 😉 🙂


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