Living Room Transformation – Part 3

Finally coming to our last updated look for our living room (for now!)… This is by far our most favourite feature of our living room!!

Our pallet wall!!

I am pretty sure all woman that are on pinterest go through a pallet craze… Well, I’m no different… I must have about a gazillion pallet projects pinned, just waiting for me to try them out!! I have been wanting a pallet wall for ages… and when we moved into this house I had my eye on just the right wall… Our living room focal wall!!

But first we had to move the current main focus (television) to the right place… and what better way than right where we want the living room centered around…. the fireplace!! So we started by mounting our tv (not difficult at all, but getting the measurements right the first time took a little while of calculating and double and tripple checking!! 😉

As you can see we also added some ikea blackout blinds (works great btw!)… and in the end we also added some curtains for aesthetics!! 🙂

Xandre Verkes - Livingroom pallet Xandre Verkes - Livingroom pallet-2

If you missed it:

Our fireplace reno

Our painting reno

We have been collecting pallets for a while!! I think it took about three home depot trips (over a couple of weeks) to collect enough pallets to cover our wall. I have read a couple of blogs about the easiest way to take apart these pallets, but still, it wasn’t a very quick or easy job!! Once we had the pallets apart I would sand a few of them every afternoon I had the chance (this took about 4 days of 1-2 hours!)… They aren’t smooth-smooth… I wanted the wall to have some texture!

We sorted the pallets by thickness and then started to randomly put them against the wall with a nail gun. This also was not a difficult process, just time consuming. But once you get going, it goes fast! We started one evening and finished it about 2 days later (please note we did not work on the wall for 2 days… it just took us about 1 whole days spread over a week to finish!)

Xandre Verkes - Livingroom pallet-3

Nice and tired we decided to leave it here on our first evening!!
Nice and tired we decided to leave it here on our first evening!!

The above photos were taken at night, so please excuse the quality… I realised today that I have not got a nice photo of what the room look like today (I’ll change that soon!)

Xandre Verkes - Livingroom pallet-5

Xandre Verkes - Livingroom pallet-8 Xandre Verkes - Livingroom pallet-9


There are still cables that we need to hide, and finished to the wall and fireplace that we need to do. But here is the most recent photo that I have of what the room looks like today (and a before for comparison!)… We still quite a few stuff to finish and round off in this room, but we are soooooo in love with how this room turned out! Now we just need to lift our bums and finish this place!! Please excuse the huge big blue ball on our couch in the last photo!! As I said, we don’t have a decent after shot yet!! So, what do you think?? 😀



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Holy crap, that looks absolutely amazing!! It’s such an original look. I would never have the patience to do that. You two are amazing!!


    1. Thanks Cindy!! Now just to finish it off!! Hahahaha…. might take a few more months!! 😛


  2. Distan Bach says:

    Pallet wall baby! Good on you guys! Like you, I’ve pinned a stack of pallet projects on Pinterest too. Congrats for actually jumping in there a doing it, Xandré. Great job!!!


    1. Thanks Distan!! Yes, I know you have quite a fancy for pallets as well!! Few more to try… maybe you’ll beat me to the next one? 😉 **

      Liked by 1 person

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