Dining Room Transformation – Part 1

I think it’s about time I share with you what we’ve been up to since we moved into our home here in Canada. Almost everything that we have done so far is NOT finished, so I’ll share it with you in bits and pieces, and hopefully someday I’ll have a complete before and after to share!! 😉

First off our dining room… Our little house is extremely compact and you will see just about every other room that we have in these photos, but stay focussed on our dining room!!! Many changes have happened since this (all that I’ll share with you in good time!)…

We pretty much moved into a blank canvass! Everything was stark white, and we were really able to put our mark on it! (Still busy with that!)… Here is a few before’s of our dining room!

White white white... SO freaking white!!
White white white… SO freaking white!!
Too much white!
Too much white!

Here is a little something many of you may not know about me… I LOVE dark colours!! When I was younger my mother used to say that I will get tired of a dark room… But the first room that I was able to paint, I painted dark chocolate brown – for that year, I woke up extremely happy and in appreciation of my dark walls every morning!!

So now we have FINALLY got our own little place that I can paint to my hearts content… Needless to say I went dark!! With every single room that we have painted (every room except for the bathrooms (they haven’t been upgraded at all… yet!)), I have chosen the darkest shade on the colour cards (I really can’t think of what the right word for the colour cards are now!!, but I’m thinking (hoping), you know what I mean!!)

So, right before our Valentines dinner, we decided to quickly change up our dining room… We went dark grey!! And until today have not been disappointed!! Here is a few photos!! We finished just in time for our dinner!! 🙂

My hotness husband lending a helping hand!!
My hotness husband lending a helping hand!!
Don't cringe, our floors have been changed in the meantime as well!!
Don’t cringe, our floors have been changed in the meantime as well!!

Xandre Verkes - Dining room-6

Xandre Verkes - Dining room-5

I realise it is not in everyone’s taste, but I really don’t care!! We have to live with it, and we love it!!! 😀 Do you prefer white?? Well, that was in good time!! (Almost a year later, and I am finally sharing a little piece of “mini” reno with you!!)

Xandre Verkes - Dining room-8

Xandre Verkes - Dining room-9

11 Comments Add yours

  1. I love it!! It looks beautiful :).


    1. Thanks Cindy!! So many things look different already!! Can’t wait to show you the rest!! 🙂


      1. Looking forward to it :). I always went for quite light colours, and I have been getting braver at trying darker shades lately, so it’s great to see what you are doing.


        1. Well, then you’ll have to remind me (if I don’t post again soon), to show you our other updates!! Not one of them light colours!! I hope you’ll like it!! It really changes the feel of your house!!


      2. Darker colours really add warmth don’t they?


  2. ma rettie says:

    Wat n transformasie! Dis pragtig ! Hoe lekker om mens se eie plek mooi te leef! Xxxx


    1. Definitief mal lekker om ‘n plek te verander na jou wense!!!! Verseker die lekker deel van huiseienaars wees!! 🙂


  3. mvdpers says:

    Baie mooi! Xandre en Stefan! 😘😃👍


    1. Daaaaaaankie Marieke!! 🙂


  4. MMAndamon says:

    Wonderful job, Xandre! Love the the calming and understated grey hues. Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you so much Mary!! Happy new year to you too!! (And happy Australia day! 😀 )


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