A Day in Victoria, BC…

On Tuesday I got the opportunity to visit Vancouver Island – more specifically Victoria! It was a VERY long day… starting 05h00 and ending the next morning at 02h00… I landed in Victoria 08h42 (local time) and had to meet on site at 10h00…. The site walkaround took a good few hours & we were only finished by 13h00!! As I only had a couple of hours I did a super quick planning of what I wanted to see… It came down to lookout point & the buildings surrounding the wharf!! Here are a few photos of my day… (Click on an image for larger view!)…

The Empress Hotel…

The Legislative building & gardens…

Clover Point Park…

I’ve got a few more photos – but I’ll share them at a later stage!! Of to relax on this Friday evening! Have a great weekend everyone!! 😀 **


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  1. John Milton says:

    Great pictures. Those aerial shots are spectacular 🙂


    1. Thanks John!!! Yes, we were lucky with the weather and route the plane was flying!! Have not looked out the window this much before!! 🙂 **


  2. Soooo beautiful – I would love to go there one day!


    1. It really was a dream come true!!! Would have loved to have someone there to share the experience with me though!! 🙂 **


      1. Ya, it’s like watching a comedy movie by yourself. It’s just not the same is it?


        1. Couldn’t have said it better!!! 🙂 **


  3. marietha says:

    Lieflike geboue en pragtige fotos XXX


    1. Dankie tannie!! 😀 **


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