Vegreville, AB …

Today, me & my colleague had to head out to Vegreville for a site inspection… Vegreville is a quaint little town… Super small… About an hour’s drive east of Edmonton!

As small a town as Vegreville is – it has an interesting tourist attraction… Brace yourself for the world’s biggest Ukranian Easter Egg!! (I am not sure how many of these there are in the world, but apparently Vegreville holds the title for the biggest!) 🙂






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  1. Ooooh, imagine if it was filled with chocolate!! 🙂


    1. Now That would be a tourist attraction!!! 😀 **


  2. John Milton says:

    Wow! That is some egg.


    1. Pretty cool right?! It’s a little weird and random, but oh well – impressive nevertheless!!! 🙂 **


  3. Hi Xandre – How eggciting (sorry, exciting)! Hmm, I’m losing my touch with yokes (sorry, jokes)! They are albumin (sorry, all bloomin’) terrible! Sorry, just egging you on!! However, your photographs are ‘all bloomin’ magic! Obviously, with space being so extremely spacious over there, they have to do everything to mega-extremes, and also in the USA! Watched a film called ‘Michael’ once and they stopped to visit the largest ball of string in the world in the States!! Weird!! You sure the egg isn’t an atom bomb in disguise?

    Now, here is the serious, technical part! How did you get the map on your post! I think that is a brilliant way of pinpointing to viewers where the shot was taken from!




    1. Hahaha… John, I so enjoyed your comment!!! 😀 Have lost track of replying though…. getting up to date tonight!!! Here is a link explaining the maps – soooooo simple!!! I also thought it is quite a good way of giving readers (especially family back home) a sense of direction & location!!!

      Hope you find it useful as well!!! Keep well!! 🙂 **


  4. marietha says:

    En nie eers1 kg sjokolade nie!!!Lekker om d kaart te sien-jy is maar oulik xx


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