Terwillegar Park, Edmonton…

We spent the best part of 3 hours walking around Terwillegar Park yesterday! -Getting to know the Saskatchewan River… I must admit that that is one thing we love about Edmonton – the huge park areas in the middle of the city!! It is a great feeling being so in nature, but yet so close to the city! A true escape from the humdrum… You forget that the city is just around the corner!! 🙂 **



Teaching Wagter to 'walk the log'...
Teaching Wagter to ‘walk the log’…








Two VERY tired dogs!!
Two VERY tired dogs!!

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  1. What fantastic photos!! You make me really want to visit Alberta again. We spent our honeymoon at Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of Alberta, and we went to Banff too. It was my first trip out west, and I fell in love with it, but we’ve never had the chance to go back. Maybe one day…..


    1. Hahaha…. Stef says the photos makes it look waaaaaaay better than it really is…. 😉 But you make the most out of it!! We loved Banff as well!!! & Waterton Lakes is VERY high on my list of places to visit…. Sooooo far though!!! 🙂 **


  2. zelmare says:

    Wow! Love the pics, my girl. 🙂 Cannot believe it’s in the city! xxx


    1. Crazy right?? I must give this one to Edmonton…. We don’t have this in Pretoria…. 😉 **


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