Our latest scenery…

Just thought I’d update you guys on my latest instagram postings….

I’ve been feeling terribly homesick over the last couple of weeks (will this ever get better?)! I’ve had this idea in my head for a key holder (thanks Pinterest!), and a few weeks ago finally finished it!!! It works great!!! & I love the look of it!!! Definitely Proudly South African!!! We also had some South African wine recently…. The selection is not great, nevertheless, home tastes good!!!

We’ve had some great weather now that the snow has gone!!! We are getting out more, obviously our lovely doggies accompanies us on our trips (which is sooooo much fun!) – and leaves them beyond tired!!! Which is good!!! They don’t demolish the garden or are unnecessarily naughty!!! Tired dog = good dog!!!

We are quite enjoying the late sunset times…. Although it is an adjustment to go to sleep when it is still daylight outside, or eating dinner while the sun is still so high in the sky!!! These photos were taken at approximately 21h00… Crazy!!!

Other than that we have just been enjoying some quality ‘outside’ time!!! Loving the green, and appreciating the slightly warmer temperatures!!!

We have got a long weekend this weekend – Monday is Victoria day!!! I don’t know the history behind it yet, although I don’t mind getting an extra day of weekend on Monday!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 🙂 **


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  1. marietha says:

    Dit voel ook nie v my of d verlang beter word nie Xan!! D sleutelhouer is stunning e het sommer d trane laat loop. Kan sommer d verlang daarin sien!D somergroen is pragtig! Hoop dit sal dit v julle ook bietjie makliker maak.Luv u lots e lots xxxxxx


    1. Die verlange word verseker nie beter nie…. en die fotos is misleidend….!!! 😉 **


  2. mamacormier says:

    You’re celebrating the Queen’s birthday. I love this long weekend. I usually stay in the city rather than sitting in traffic to open the cottage. We love how empty the city feels and how easy it is to get into restaurants and the movies. The cottage will still be there in a couple of weeks and most of the black flies will be gone.


    1. Aaaaaahh… thank you!!! Well, so far I understand why you would stay – we just came from the off leash park and the reduction in feet was a pleasant change!! Have a wonderful long weekend!! 🙂 **


  3. zelmare says:

    Wil nou nie negatief wees nie, maar die verlange word erger… Mal, mal, mal oor die SA sleutelhouer – dis spesiaal. Mis julle!!! xxx


    1. Dis nie negatief nie mamie – dis heel realisties!!! Mis julle ook mal baie!! Lief lief verewig!! 🙂 **


  4. Hi Xandre – Wait till it’s high summer and doesn’t get dark until 22.30hrs (10.30pm)! Penny made a dark coloured ‘window blanket’ which we drape over our bedroom window at night in summer. It is blackout so the light doesn’t affect us if we go to bed earlier than usual. Also means we are not awake early in the morning either, because it gets light here again about 04.00hrs (4am)! I am assuming here that your summer days will be somewhat as long as ours? We love the long days though – you can do so much more – we hate it in the winter when it is pitch dark by 16.00hrs (4pm)! Xandre, I do see your photos on my I-Phone but don’t actually have the Instagram app so I can’t make any comments there! Sorry!




    1. Hahaha… no worries John!! I instagram more just to “record” our time here… little things that will probably be insignificant to others!! Nevertheless, I enjoy it!! It is a fun app!! Yes, so far it seems that high summer will bring the same kind of sunrise/sunset times…. good and bad – but I think we should follow your exmaple and invest in some good blackout curtains!! 🙂 **


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