The Dogs are coming to Town….

Yaaaaaaay!!! Our adorable doggies are spending (…in their case: ‘have spent’) their last night in South Africa!!! Tomorrow they will start their journey to Canada!!! I am very nervous of their flights and well-being… but trusting that Animal Travel will take VERY good care of them!!!

… Only three more sleeps until we FINALLY get to have them all to ourselves again!!!






I hope that they won’t be too sad to be taken away from their loving temporary home!!! 🙂 **

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  1. Ane says:

    Puppies!!! Gee hulle baie soene van my af!!!


    1. Ek gan ek gan ek gan!!!! En wanneer jy kom kuier kan jy hul oorspoel met jou oulike liefde!!! 😀 **


  2. MrsBoardwell says:

    I remember bringing my dogs from Germany to the UK in 1999 (they’re now 102, old or what, ha!), very stringent quarantine laws were still in place then and they had to be shipped straight into their quarantine kennels a couple of hours down the road from where we lived. We went to see them every other weekend but it was all somewhat stressy 😦 Borders have now relaxed though and we can actually take our [fresh batch of…..] doggies onto the continent from here, yay ^-^ Will it take 3 days for your dogs to travel? wowzers!

    bet you can’t wait to see them again ^_^


    1. We read about the (still) very strict quarantine that the UK requires…. If we had gone there our doggies would have needed to be in quarantine for 7 months!!! That is sooooo long!! We are lucky that now they only needed a few vaccinations and health certificates!! I don’t think we would have been able to handle 7 months of waiting!!! Yes, it takes 3 days for them to come over… day one: Johannesburg to amsterdam, day 2: rest in amsterdam, day 3: amsterdam to edmonton!!! Crazy!!!


  3. MrsBoardwell says:

    crazy! not long now ^_^


  4. Yayyyyyy!!!! I can only imagine how excited they will be to see their mommy and daddy once again. Happy reunion!! :


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